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Save Resources, Save Earth

Everything we do at GM Enterprises Group is about sustainability and saving mother earth’s natural resources, which we all need to preserve for our future generations. GM Enterprises group, with it’s presence in India, Middle-East & Africa, is a growing organization focussing mainly on the advanced metering solutions, Gas Meters, Water Meters, Regulators, Skids and values needed for the industries and society in 21st century. As an innovative metering company, we design all our solutions keeping Quality, Sustainability, Reliability and Customization to meet the industry requirement around the world.

Mr. Anurag Sharma


GM Enterprises was founded in 2016 by Mr. Anurag Sharma, an industry veteran with more than 1.5 decades of experience across various domains like Solutions, Software, and Hardware with a dedication to serving the utility industry and world with quality products, helping organizations to meter and save the natural resources like Gas, Water through meters, regulators and AMR solutions.

Mr. Sharma is a visionary and has a long history of working on various new technological solutions in the metering industry.