Water Meter

AMT Multijet water Meter

AMT Meters– 15mm to 40mm Multi-jet meters are very accurate in small sizes and are commonly used in 15mm to 40mm sizes for residential and small commercial users. Multi-jet meters use multiple ports surrounding an internal chamber to create multiple jets of water against an impeller, whose rotation speed depends on the velocity of water flow.

Multi-jets are very accurate at low flow rates, but there are no large size meters since they do not have the straight-through flow path needed for the high flow rates used in large pipe diameters. Multi-jet meters generally have an internal strainer element that can protect the jet ports from getting clogged. Multi-jet meters normally have bronze, cast iron and alloy bodies or outer casings, with internal measuring parts made from modern thermoplastics and stainless steel.

AMR System: We have all the options of AMR systems. We have RF based walk by, LoraWan and NB-IOT systems based solutions available with our AMT MultiJet meters.

AMR Module: We have all the AMR module which can support for the all advance and different technologies. We support traditional RF, LoraWan and NB-IOT systems based solutions available and tested in Indian conditions.


  • Sizes:

    15 mm
    20 mm
    25 mm
    40 mm

  • Register:

    Plastic Can
    Brass Can

  • Housing material:

    Brass Body
    Steel Body
    Cast Iron Body