Water Meter

AMT Ultrasonic water Meter

USM 15mm & 20mm Meter– AMT residential ultrasonic water meter with cutting-edge technology. It solves the problems that mechanical water meter encountered in the past. Without moving parts, AMT meter gains accurate
measurement and life-long precision. Ultrasonic technology allows it to detect the lowest flow rate and provides customers with the most suitable solution to non-revenue water.

1. Main features
1) R400/R250
2) Wider dynamic range
3) Lowest flow rate
4) Free from influence of impurity and magnetic field
5) 12+ years’ lifetime
6) Vertical/horizontal installation
7) LCD display
8) IP68 protection, able to work normally under water


  • Application

    Residential Supply
    Potable Water
    Clear Water

  • Size

    15 mm
    20 mm

Main technical features and functions
1) Metering feature:
a) adopt ultrasonic technique
b) accurate measurement.
2) Data recording:
a) Accumulated volume
b) Alarm/event logs, etc.
c) Storage days are configurable
3) Meter parameters and readings can be read easily.

Ultra sonic v/s multijet metering Technology