Gas Regulator

AMT Gas Pressure Regulator

Gas Pressure Regulator
A Gas Pressure Regulator commonly known as “Meter Regulator”, is mainly used for household / residential / domestic purpose. The Regulator is suitable for both natural gas as well as LPG. The main purpose of the regulator is to supply gas at constant set outlet pressure.

AMT Regulator meets the current standards. It uses well- proven principles of control dynamics together with modern assembly techniques to produce a regulator that offers excellent performance in a compact, low cost and maintenance free unit.

Operating Principle
The pressure reduction takes place between Spindle seat and the Valve seat. The spring force pushes the diaphragm assembly downwards allowing gas to pass through outlet. The incoming gas exerts pressure on the bottom side of main diaphragm through the sensing hole in the Spindle and pushes the diaphragm upwards to counter balance the spring load that is preset. Thus it permits flow of gas at a preset pressure. The regulator responds readily to the downstream pressure changes with high sensitivity & accuracy.


  • Gas media:

    Natural gas
    Town gas

  • Flow:

    2.5 scmh

  • Inlet Pressure

    100- 110 mBar

  • Outlet Pressure

    21- 30 mBar

  • Housing material:

    Aluminum Powder coating color