G4A Gas Meter

G4 High Pressure Diaphragm Gas Meter

The diaphragm meter works on the positive displacement principle wherein the volume received in inlet side is discharged to the outlet side. Thus making the measurement fully reliable. Further, the diaphragm gas meter works on the differential pressure between inlet and outlet to impulse the diaphragms in the diaphragm boxes. When the gas enters into the meter, it first fills the space inside the inlet meter housing from the rotary valve mouth.

Due to the differential pressure, the gas will alternately enter into the different outlet chamber, alternate charge and discharge will continue till the gas is consumed.  The movement of the rotary valve is transferred to the driving gear via the transmission mechanism and accumulates, the gas volume through the meter to index counter by the ratio calibration gears to realize the metrology of the gas meter. With designing of independent measuring unit structure and high quality steel case, the product has accuracy and reliability measurement under operation pressure. Designing and producing meticulously, test strictly for GA serials gas meter which suitable for NG, LPG, Town gas, marsh gas measuring.


  • Gas media:

    Natural gas
    Town gas
    Methane gas.

  • Sizes:

    G4S: 0.04m3/h to 6m3/h
    Max. Working Pressure: 2bar

  • Housing material:

    Aluminum sheet

    • Lower Noise.